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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Internet |

Birth of the League for the Defense of Internet

Birth of the League for the Defense of Internet

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman, are part of the ” Justice League “. You, me, we, you and they are part of the “League for the of Internet”, who was born to defend of the worldwide.

Leaving aside comparisons, and pulling down a peg or who creates a hero who is now 2.0, the “League for the Defense of the Internet” is an initiative of a group of surfers who seeks to become a sort of “panic button “against abuses of freedom on the Net

And is that your intention is clear: Joining forces to denounce against the and mobilize protest actions in certain cases. The idea is to bring together all interested parties to be activated if the alarm, everyone is instantly aware so they can work together.

If you have a website, a blog, a Tumblr, YouTube channel or a Twitter account can be part of the Justice to 2.0: Just provide your email address. The idea is that when there is a protest, all pages attached to the platform are coordinated instantly become aware of the protest action to follow and can act accordingly.

Its origins are in the “blackouts” Network we saw earlier this year in protest against proposals such as SOUP or CISPA, and served for U.S. policymakers to rethink their support for these projects. So while it is still not clear what those actions in the event of an imminent threat to the Net, we could be speaking from activating a banner, sharing a message on social networks, or even “turn off” your web …

In my view it is an interesting action to join efforts to protest when potential threats to freedom of the Internet, and even to be aware of actions that may be a threat in itself … In the end there is an expression which says that “in there is strength,” I think that particularly very true.

- The Internet Defense League defend freedom in the network when needed (EuropaPress)
- Internet Defense Flirt

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