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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Companies |

Blockbuster gives back foot on his plans to compete with Netflix

Blockbuster gives back foot on his plans to compete with Netflix

Last year, we learned of the bankruptcy of Blockbuster and its subsequent resurgence thanks to the acquisition by Dish Network. The idea of the new owners was to compete head to head with on two fronts, a streaming movie service, using the Dish satellite network, and one for DVDs by mail.

But now Dish leads back to the plans and services either see the light, at least for now. Dish CEO himself, Charlie Ergen, reported plans in an interview with Bloomberg, and the reason is the ban by the FCC to use its satellite spectrum for terrestrial signal as the basis for the streaming service. Ergen also gave some hints of what might be to come in the future of Blockbuster, with a live TV service online, but still should spend a few years before it materializes.

While Dish give a new business plan for Blockbuster, in America continue to operate about 900 stores where you rent movies in physical format, in fact, those located in rural areas continue to deliver benefits. And if anything important happens then Blockbuster, would not be a big problem, as the founder and director Max Dish: “In the worst case, we will have lost some money and a little time, but life goes on.”

Link: Blockbuster Hits Rewind on Plan to Return as Netflix Killer (Bloomberg)

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