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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Social Networks |

Blogger database purchase one million users of Facebook for $5

Blogger database purchase one million users of Facebook for $ 5

Bogomil Shopov, Czech blogger who bought the database for crumbs.

Caa time we read a story that involves Facebook and the and Privacy of our data, and imagine how it will end. It’s probably what you thought the blogger Bogomil Shopov when, despite not believe it was true, decided to buy in Gigbucks , a portal to buy and sell digital products and services at low cost, a database of 1.1 million Facebook users, containing email addresses, for a whopping $ 5.

Upon receiving the excel file in exchange for payment, Shopov crossed some data base with user profiles to confirm its veracity and is surprised to find that those accounts did not have their email address is visible. According to the company that sold the base, try to email addresses harvested by developers of applications for Facebook.

This confirmation motivated him to write in his blog about the fact and speculate a little with the security of the vast social network and the exposure of users. Your post also brought a second and unexpected response, this time from an email account of Facebook, where he was invited to speak to them by telephone for more details on the situation in addition to strongly ask that you do not divulge the talk or share the information heard or broadcast the action requested by Facebook, as well as to send you the file, delete it from your computer and not talk to anyone.

Blogger database purchase one million users of Facebook for $ 5 image 2

Screenshot base purchased by Shopov, climb on his blog

Luckily, for what little remains of dignity on the Internet and the constant defense of freedom of expression, Bogomil ignored everything spoken and published with Facebook. The aim of publication was that the debate was made public and that a manager of Facebook will respond publicly to let users know what type of problem was treated. For Shopov this is not an unusual move since it belongs to several groups of activists fighting for digital rights online.

Gigbucks, the company that sold the base, Bogomil also contacted to inform him that they had given the seller lowers the basis that it violated the rules already on the site and apologize to him for not having detected the violation.

From here, we only hope that the blogger Shopov has arrived safely at home and not accept for now, any friend request from people you do not know, to avoid any bad shot of black men Zuckerberg network .

Link: Bulgarian blogger bought more than 1 million users of facebook emails for $ 5 (techrancho)

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