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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Internet |

BlueToad Company said source being the filtered Apple equipment ID, not the FBI

BlueToad Company said source being the filtered Apple equipment ID, not the FBI

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Last week, a group of part # movement released a million iOS devices identifier codes, which they say was stolen from a laptop to an FBI agent . After the FBI and Apple belied be the source from which you obtained the stolen ID, a company called U.S. claimed to be the cause of this leak.

BlueToad publicly apologized for the incident in a series of interviews in various media, explaining that hackers entered the company’s systems to steal the. However, they said that that file is far to contain 12 million UDID (unique device identifiers) said that hackers claimed to have in his possession.

According to the company, were able to fit their data to the list published by AntiSec last week, with a 98% correlation. “When we realized that we were involved and had been victims, we approach the appropriate law enforcement authorities and we started to take steps to raise awareness of the situation, clean records and take responsibility for this,” said Paul DeHart, CEO of BlueToad to NBC .

The information contradicts what AntiSec had assured last week when they said they had hacked a laptop FBI. Supposedly, the agency would be using for something that information. After the FBI denied the accusation , and that Apple would ensure that he had not provided information to the FBI , they began to suspect that the information could come from companies developing applications.

The UDID is simply a string of characters used to identify a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owners, developers and almost all offering something in the App Store have a UDID list stored somewhere. A UDID alone can not reveal much information about a user, however, many apps developers collected sensitive information from users and directly associated with a UDID, so there are ways to get personal information starting with this code if do some searching on the internet.

For this reason Apple decided to end the use of UDID after the release of iOS 5, developers seeking to generate a unique identifier which is only accessible to a single application when necessary. Apple began rejecting applications using the UDID this year.

However, companies still have databases with this information stored on their systems. Maybe AntiSec hackers have entered more than one company as BlueToad, where would come the rest of the 12 million who claim UDID. So far, hackers have not referred to BlueToad, nor have they responded to Apple or the FBI.

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