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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

BMW and Thermaltake create an interesting mouse for gamers

BMW and Thermaltake create an interesting mouse for gamers

Group DesignworksUSA, a company related to the design of luxury cars, has teamed up with to develop an interesting that mimics the look of a small race car, being intended for use between video games and professionals who need to a to their work faster.

For this, we created called Level 10 M Mouse with an attractive design, keeping in mind the comfort as the first priority, for example, through holes in the surface that will be used to provide better grip for wet hands users. Regarding the sensitivity of the optical drive that gives life to this mouse, 8200DPI reaches when required, can operate at 5000dpi base when not needed to use it to its maximum capacity.

In addition, there are five programmable buttons and a sixth key labeled “Z” changing user profiles on the fly, giving greater flexibility and customization to the product. Now available for sale and the price reaches $100.

Link: BMW and Thermaltake’s Level 10 M gaming mouse is real, costs $100 (Engadget)

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