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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Born ecosystem Imagination Technologies

Born ecosystem Imagination Technologies

Although a few days have passed since the purchase of MIPS by Imagination Technologies , so far uncertainty reigned among the many manufacturers of microprocessors and MIPS-based SoCs, as they were unaware of the plans of the new owner. today breaks the silence.

Imagination Technologies says technology combined with its current designs (Imagination Technologies also develops its own DSP CPUs like your SoC PowerVR Meta ), plus it will continue with the licensing of from MIPS Technologies, so that there should be some concern for current MIPS chip manufacturers, but quite the opposite.

By combining technologies of Imagination Technologies in combination with MIPS Technologies Imagination Technologies intends to strengthen its presence by announcing the creation of a new that represents a real alternative to the ARM ecosystem, providing complete solutions: + “all Imagination Technologies “(competing against” ARM “), with which they plan to reach all markets, but without neglecting the industrial segment (embedded) in which MIPS has maintained a strong presence.

Born ecosystem Imagination Technologies image 2

Time will tell if Imagination Technologies gets traced the current 5% share of MIPS in the smartphone market , the fact is that Imagination Technologies graphics dominates the market for portable devices , and offers a good combination if MIPS + could convince more companies to license their MIPS CPUs.

Well, ironically having a complete ecosystem (CPU + GPU) has become a determining factor in the success of microprocessors, companies like ARM, AMD (Fusion) and VIA saw it in advance, and while others like Intel will improve its weak position chart, but certainly Imagination Technologies took the leap to buy it with MIPS.

Link: Imagination,PowerVR Series6の実動デモを公開。MIPS買収後,次の一手は? (4Gamer)

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