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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Science |

Born in captive endangered bird and transmitted over the Internet

The quetzal is a bird that is endangered, if not on the verge of extinction, their habitat is damaged every day by the hand of man. In pre-Hispanic times its beautiful plumage was long used as an ornament of the plumes of warriors and emperors, and in modern times, as part of various ornaments.

In an effort to conserve the species, the aviary in El Nido Ixtapaluca avoca state of Mexico to the task of breeding birds of this type, a task which, incidentally, is complex and delicate.

Between 15 and May 16 of these quetzales born in captivity, after spending 17 days inside the incubator, the blue shell was broken to make way for the life in him. There is still another egg that was in the same incubator and soon gives signs of life.

The exciting thing about this, and know that in Mexico you do something to save the species, which was broadcast via webcam worldwide, about 500 people watched the event live and is expected to be vigilant over the next birth.

Mexico is the only country where it has been the birth of quetzals in captivity, one of those places is precisely in El Nido, in the State of Mexico and elsewhere in the Zoo Michael palvarez of Tooro in Tuxtla Guitierrez, Chiapas.

The camera is on and you can visit the chick now.

Link: quetzal born in captivity and broadcast live by webcam (Chronicle)

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