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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware News |

Bosch presents its automatic parking system activated by smartphone

Bosch presents its automatic parking system activated by smartphone

Last week, made ​​a demonstration of system, for British magazine The Engineer, in Bosch Boxberg proving ground. The promises to help even the most nervous drivers to get in and out of the tightest parking spaces.

As part of the trend toward more intelligent and autonomous vehicles, Boch system uses 12 ultrasonic sensors mounted in the to help the onboard computer to detect a suitable parking space, and then calculate the best maneuver.

Once activated, the system will take control of the steering, gears and pedals and park the car without driver intervention. Technology can be activated remotely via an app installed on your smartphone, which is connected by wi-fi link to the vehicle.

The technology is an evolution of a previous system, which has been in use in production vehicles since 2008. The previous system, which is activated by a button on the car, take control of the direction, but still up to the driver to control the pedals and shifter.

While Bosch has not commented on what if manufacturers are considering making use of the new system, this technology is present in more than 200 vehicles in the world, made by different manufacturers to select customers, because for the moment, it is rather expensive the system, but once its widespread production, prices will drop considerably.

System is expected to appear in production vehicles in 2015.

Here the video presentation, with Spanish subtitles.

Link: Bosch unveils smartphone enabled self-parking system (


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