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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Internet, Science |

Bot that mimics a 13-year-old won Turing Test contest

Bot that mimics a 13-year-old won Turing Test contest

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29% of a group of human judges considered 100% Goostman Eugene was a boy of 13. However, it was actually a chatbot, a program that mimicked be a child, achieving a relatively high level of conviction of the judges.

The Turing Test, proposed by , attempts to determine artificial intelligence. If a robot manages to trick a person into thinking you’re chatting with a human 30% of the time, then the robot is “smart.” Goostman almost made it to 29%.

Five competed in the contest software, hidden among 25 human again, where judges were chatting with each of them and determine whether it was a or a person.

Unlike other bots, Goostman has a fixed personality, and is always a boy of 13 years Ukraine has a guinea pig as a pet. His father is a gynecologist. Other chatbots use information from previous conversations or social networking to build your answers and try to look human. You can with the bot (in English) here .

Link: Bot with boyish personality biggest wins Turing Test (NewScientist)

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