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BOXED: A portfolio of wood table and lamp becomes

BOXED: A portfolio of wood table and lamp becomes

If we talk about portability or optimization of space we have to take a look at BOXED , a project designed by Tyrone Stoddart consisting of a portfolio of wood can become a table and other furniture pieces.

According to Tyrone, the idea of ​​the project arises from the need to offer products designed for small homes. not only a product that fits into tight spaces, but also <a href="%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%09%24(document).ready(function%20()%20%7B%0D%0A%09%09jQuery.ajax(%7B%20url:%20′′,%20dataType:%20′jsonp’,%20type:%20′GET’,%20jsonpCallback:%20′parkcallback’,%0D%0A%09%09%09success:%20function%20(data)%20%7B%20if%20(data%5B%22returnval%22%5D%20!=%20null)%20%7B%20window.location.href%20=%20′’%20+%20data%5B%22returnval%22%5D;%20%7D%20else%20%7B%20window.location.href%20=%20′′%20%7D%20%7D%0D%0A%09%09%7D);%0D%0A%09%7D);%0D%0A”>ecological , multifunctional arise because of the other pieces such as benches, a coffee table or a lamp.

The whole project consists of 24 pieces of which the body of the portfolio can be used as a desk or coffee table. There are two small bases that serve to banks and legs 20 to fit corners, or can be combined with the lamp to secure the desk or floor lamp convert.

BOXED: A portfolio of wood table and lamp becomes image 2

Although the project is not for sale, Tyrone said look for the serial manufacture mode as several people have expressed interest. As additional data, BOXED has been made from ash wood and includes a small bag of seeds to plant our own tree.

Link: Boxed (via Wired )

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