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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Science |

Brain are in perfect condition with more than 2,600 years old

Brain are in perfect condition with more than 2,600 years old

(Cc) flickr Keith Bloomfield

A brain in almost perfect condition was found inside the skull of a person who believes he suffered a beheading more than 2,600 years ago. The finding is considered the best preserved of the world.

The human skull was found in a flooded pit in the city of Heslington, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and according to the analyzes, have belonged to a man from the Iron Age, which would have been hanged and beheaded, and then dropping his head into a pit, it is estimated some 2,684 years ago.

Scientists believe that immersion in the liquid environment of the well helped preserve human tissue.

To Sonia O’Connor, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bradford, “the skull of the Early Iron Age belonged to a man, probably about thirty years and although the cause of death is rarely possible to determine traces sites, in this case, the damage to the vertebrae of the neck consistent with hanging. Then the head was carefully separated from the neck using a small blade, a knife, “said O’Connor

Sonia and her colleagues suggest that a series of random events managed to preserve the body in such good condition. Shortly after the man was killed, his head must have been placed or dropped into the pit flooded that was free of oxygen. While other soft tissues of the human body can not thrive under these conditions, the humid environment that seems to have been perfect for keeping your brain “fresh”, “due to the different chemical composition of brain tissue,” said O’Connor.

Glen Doran, director of the department of anthropology at Florida State University, said two aspects of the new study were striking him immediately. At first confirmation that some organs are kept in damp places, contrary to what usually happens when you think of dry and cold areas. On the other hand was surprised by the speed with which it was possible to conduct a preliminary study to obtain the most important finding.

Based on this discovery and other known human prehistoric intact brain, it has been concluded that the buried quickly in an aqueous environment, as well as a continuous immersion, are essential for the preservation of human brain tissue. “The skull is well designed to protect the brain in life and may, in appropriate circumstances, remain in service long after the normal expectation,” he said Doran.

Link: Prehistoric Human Brain Found in Bog Pickled (Discovery News)

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