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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Internet |

Brazil asked explanations to the United States for spying on its citizens

Brazil asked explanations to the United States for spying on its citizens


The controversy regarding the spy on the handed many countries of the world – through the and a series of policy interventions – continues to provoke reactions from the international community. This time it’s Brazil, that voice of his foreign minister, Antonio Patriota, said demand explanations for the actions of various state departments on their citizens.

According to reports given by Globo, over the last 10 years there were more than 2,300 million calls and emails intercepted only in the United States. was the second country with more screen information, and is – or was at the time – on a list of priority countries along with China, Pakistan, Iraq and Russia.

“The Brazilian government is very concerned about the information related to electronic communications and Brazilian citizens are telephone efforts target intelligence agencies of the United States,” Patriota said in a statement to the media, while also ensuring that his country proposals to boost the International Telecommunication Union – ITU – and the United Nations to compel improved security standards and protocols governing electronic communications.

All this while the United States further expands the scope of the NSA for threats that are feasible to investigate and that warrant intervention electronic communication services.

The New York Times said that Washington was authorized a secret law that the national security agency of information from people suspected of terrorism not only because it may also suspicions if cyber attacks, espionage and nuclear threat, ensuring justify using the constitution that this interference with private life is a special need and is not important in the context of national security.

Link: Brazil seeks U.S. response to Alleged spying on Citizens (Reuters)

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