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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Hardware |

Bringing a new use for an old computer

Bringing a new use for an old computer

(CC) lonnypaul

The old notebooks do not have to end up gathering dust in a corner of the home. If the machine works, there is a way to take advantage. Just decide what you want to do with it.

There are many ways to use a into disuse, but it is advisable not to be afraid to enter the machine, since one of the basic ways to take an old is to put a lighter operating system and/or old, such as old Windows XP – which already exceeded 10 years old – or any Linux distribution.

A computer for use by children

Bringing a new use for an old computer image 2

(Cc) patrick h. Lauke

Sugar is the operating system based on Linux created for the project One per Child (OLPC by its acronym in English), the charity program developed at the Media Lab at MIT by Nicholas Negroponte and which seeks to provide a computer for educational purposes for children from countries as diverse as the United States, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Haiti, Australia, Peru and Uruguay, among many others.

The operating system allows children to perform basic activities such as keeping a diary, write, draw or compose music, and to encourage the use of Sugar, the OLPC project created ” Sugar on a Stick “, a version designed for anyone can use the operating system from a flash drive over 1 gigabyte of capacity without the need even to modify the contents of the computer.

You just need to enter the project page and follow the instructions. Everything is very automated and in a few mouse clicks you can have a pendrive that if inserted into the USB port of a computer, load an operating system is lightweight and designed for educational purposes has been very successful around the world.

Another operating system for children, but geared more for preschoolers, is DoudouLinux , which has various activities to familiarize children using the computer, in addition to educational games, drawing programs and even an application to learn to use the mouse .

Like “Sugar on a Stick” is also designed to be installed on a flash drive and not have the need to replace the operating system on an old computer.

A computer as a media center

Bringing a new use for an old computer image 3

(Cc) cubicgarden

OpenELEC Linux distribution is a very easy to install, does not make any question about is free and can be downloaded from – and its only function is to let the machine is ready to load the program only XBMC, a center multimedia entertainment originally born as a modification to the Xbox (hence the name XBMC, X-Box Media Center), and was later modified so that it can be used from almost any electronic device: Computers and Apple devices, PC Windows or Linux, Android phones and tablets, and so on.

Because it is a collaborative project, there are hundreds of people around the world who dedicate their free time to create new ways to use XBMC. One of the most interesting is that one can manage the media center from mobile iPhone or Android if you download the free Official XBMC Remote.

A computer for a hotspot

Bringing a new use for an old computer image 4

There are big houses where a Wi-Fi router does not have enough power to reach internet to every corner of the home. For these cases the ideal solution is to use low-cost Wi-Fi on an old computer to deliver Internet to other computers and electronic devices.

Simply connect an old laptop internet cable network, to locate where the Wi-Fi signal is weaker and then install Windows applications as Connectify , which uses the antenna to deliver internet notebook like a hotspot . The program is free, easy to setup and if you decide to buy the Pro version gives the option to share a 3G mobile phone signal. That is, if one has a USB modem, with this program you can convert an old PC into a 3G router in a couple of clicks.

A computer as a VoIP phone

Bringing a new use for an old computer image 5

(Cc) Windley

Every day seems to fixed telephone lines to the past, and with the massive cell phone their only advantage is its low price. However, one can obtain prices even more convenient if you use services of Internet telephony (VoIP) and Skype , where you can hire a service that CLP $10 thousand dollars every three months, given a phone number that emulates the old telephone line , and can also be combined with a plan of CLP $7 billion pesos a month for unlimited calling to landlines in Chile, Argentina, Spain, England, etc.., and also cell countries like the U.S. or Canada.

USB phones for services such as Skype are relatively inexpensive and just connect them to function as a phone, so a good option is to assign an old computer as a VoIP phone, keeping it on but with the screen off to save power. It should have a notebook for reference spend on average between 15 and 45 watts per hour, a little less than a light bulb.

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