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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Internet |

British ISPs must be preactivated pornography filters as standard

British ISPs must be preactivated pornography filters as standard

Claire Perry, the special adviser to prevent the sexualisation and commercialization of childhood Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, announced that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the should be enabled by default parental control for pornographic purposes of year 2013.

In other words, ISPs should provide technology parental control filters for all your old and new users, where the option given to each customer will be able to turn it off, as they will come pre-activated by default.

As expected, and the authorities have been well aware of these filters under any point of view could prevent a teenager who knows even a little technology to access pornographic material, so that this measure seeking more than anything parents simplify the use of measures to control the content their children see online.

However, the initiative may not be able to block access to pornographic material via P2P networks, sites like Imgur or Reddit, or even the material the same teens could create. Also, it is clear that for a couple of years in this country already filters for Internet connections phones.

Link: ISP porn filters to include as standard in UK by 2014 (Wired UK)

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