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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Hardware News |

BrownDwarf: The ARM-based supercomputer

BrownDwarf: The ARM-based supercomputer

This year Intel and AMD came to the market for micro-servers offering its first products focusing on this segment: Intel Atom for Server S1200 Series “Centerton” and AMD Opteron X Series “Kyoto” , products that offer more choice in this segment dominated ARM-based solutions.

The market for micro-servers is characterized by dense configurations require teams that occupy little space and that have a very low power consumption, a factor that has influenced the dominance of ARM, but until now was believed unlikely that could venture in the segment of high-performance computing “HPC” (High Performance Computing), lucrative market dominated by x86-based servers (Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron) and CPUs with other architectures such as IBM Power.

is a milestone in the industry presenting their supercomputer, consisting of multi-core ARM microprocessors accompanied; combination that is able to offer a yield of 23.1 teraflops (6.1 teraflops in double precision) per chassis, each of which with the following settings:

  • 48 nodes quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 (192 cores).
  • 1152 co-processor Texas Instruments DSP.
  • 1.24GB DDR3 ECC memory.
  • RapidIO interconnect fabric (20Gbps bi-directional).
  • 280Gbps external interconnection (multi-chassis).
  • Format 13U (12.75 “x17.637″ x15.18 “).

BrownDwarf works with nCore Linux operating system and can be programmed in a uniform (ARM + DSP) via directives OpenMP 3.0.

ARM has come to stay in the market for supercomputers and much sooner than expected, becoming an emerging, growing and serious threat to the hegemony of x86 in this segment.

Link: New Portland HPC Startup is ARMed and Dangerous (InsideHPC)


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