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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Structures |

Buenos Aires is the first city in Latin America to join the project CityNext of Microsoft

Buenos Aires is the first city in Latin America to join the project CityNext of Microsoft

(Cc) flickr Jose Tellez

was chosen as the first city in Latin America to be part Project, an initiative by to provide technology to that want to leap into the future through the digitization of its administrative operations.

During the last Annual Membership Conference, Microsoft announced this project as a “driver of cities who want to reinvent their future and strengthen their communities” through intelligent solutions based on technological developments.

CityNext The network is based on a network of cloud-based solutions for managing data and applications as well as to manage and automate administrative processes, with the aim of giving citizens a global platform that allows both systems function in corporate nivle and mobile and consumer services.

All this is supported by a global structure of over 400 000 technology experts from around the world that support at all levels. One of the early success stories, before formalizing the entry of Buenos Aires to the project, is the Accendo Company, in collaboration with the Government of the City, developed the Investor Service Centre (ISC), a tool for advise and support the relocation of businesses to optimize their performance. Thanks to CAI, the city was able to reduce by 65% ​​the administrative time needed for a company to complete the formalities of relocation.

Buenos Aires is added to the list of cities that make up the initiative CityNext with Auckland (New Zealand), Barcelona (Spain), Hainan Province, Zhengshou (China), Hamburg (Germany), Manchester (England), Moscow (Russia) and Philadelphia (USA).

Link: Buenos Aires joins CityNext initiative of Microsoft (RedUSERS)

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