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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Science |

Build a Lego Turing machine to honor its inventor

Build a Lego Turing machine to honor its inventor

The is a hypothetical machine, ie, does not really exist but was created to investigate mathematically the limits and extent of what can or can not be computed. Thus, a physical object is not a practical purpose. However, there are some attempts to build machines as he described the father of computer science.

In this case, Jeroen van den Bos and Davy Landman built a to honor the memory of Turing, because this year marks 100 years after his birth.

Basically, a Turing machine comprises an endless tape divided into squares. In each of them is a symbol which is scanned by the machine. The machine can react to the symbol scanned, or overwrite it. The system has an instruction book, which is embodied how to react to the different symbols, making forward or rewind the tape, for example.

The film would become the program run through the machine, which is separated into binary segments – this is 0 and 1, Lego language that is represented by levers positioned to one side or the other. Of course, the tape can not be infinite in the version of Lego Lego because there is infinite, so this model does have a limit.

Running the tape, the machine is capable of performing simple operations. In the video of the Lego version was programmed so you can calculate how much is 2 +2.

Link: Lego Turing Machine

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