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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Gadgets |

Build an assault rifle with a 3D printer

Build an assault rifle with a 3D printer

If you thought you’d seen everything, there comes a guy and builds an assault rifle AR-15 with a can ‘print’ Plastic objects: And the rifle would be able to shoot!

It may sound like a joke, but the case is reviewed on the website of the magazine “Popular Science”, which indicates that the creator of the plastic gun guy is a fan of Internet forums on arms and calling himself “HaveBlue” , already have experience in this ‘print’ firearms because he had previously successfully managed to reproduce a .22 caliber pistol that shot 200 times in a row on a test.

According to the publication, the boy got the plans for such a weapon on a website, and after making some modifications proceeded to print with ABS plastic that cost about $30 … came the era of firearms lowcost!

While clarifying that the rifle still has trouble loading the bullets, for example, say that it works, and even its creator has been testing the responsiveness of this rifle in Internet shops … And apparently has managed to potential buyers!

While it is remarkable that with a 3D printer can be reached functional firearms manufacturing, it is also worrisome to think that ‘anyone’ with some knowledge of weapons, planes, plastic and three-dimensional printer can take in this task home without any oversight, distress to anyone … Maybe the Mayans were right.

Link: For Working With Assault Rifle Made in 3-D Printer (PopSci via Reason )

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