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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Science |

Build your own Enigma cipher machine

Build your own Enigma cipher machine

Machine. Note the fourth cylinder by the German army added to the original model (cc) flickr Tim Gage

machines Enigma born in Europe in the 20s and refined in early 1930 to be adopted as the main message encryption system by the German army, who over the years were to convert its system complexity it in almost inviolable.

An Enigma machine allowed through a rotary electromechanical cipher, which was positioned on a starting location for the operator, both encrypt and decrypt a message, so we needed two machines (one at each point of origin and destination of communications ) to complete the shipment.

Capture an Enigma machine was a great achievement because, although they were many and were usually very well protected in diplomatic baggage, also required the initial configuration given by the operator of the machine to decode the messages.

During the more than 30 years of existence as a machine messages encriptadoras success in the world, Enigma went through dozens of models, among which were highlighted commercial use simple and successful M1, M2 and M3 German army .

The novelty is that, as part of a promotional campaign for its services, security consultancy in the UK Heath Franklin published a PDF with the original rotor German military Enigma models, the same as those that Alan Turing and his companions neurons burned day and night trying to decipher.

The document is available for printing (A4 sheets) along with instructions for assembling the project , which could be undoubtedly an excellent choice to spend the weekend away from the cold polar falling around here.

Link: Make your own paper-craft Enigma Machine (howtogeek)

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