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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Companies, Science |

Buy your 4-meter mecha robot that shoots with your smile

(CC) Yohei Yamashita

Three months ago we announced the project of the Japanese company to build a ‘wick’ mass market that was to be operated from inside a cabin or via smartphone called ‘Vaudeville’. This weekend at the Wonder Festival 2012 in Tokyo, it was announced that the robot end-Kuratas now renamed in honor of its designer Kogoro Kurata-now available in the market for a price starting from U.S. $1,353. 000 for the most basic model.

The ‘wick’ measures 3.8 meters high, weighs 4,500 kilos and to move up to all four wheels with a diesel engine that also gives you energy to more than 30 hydraulic joints move their arms, legs and torso. To control You can use a joystick from a pay phone or an application and can reach speeds up to 10 kilometers per hour.

However the most eccentric is its weapons as a ‘rocket’ bottles of water and compressed air rotary machine gun capable of firing 6,000 bullets per minute. What about the trigger? The smile of the pilot. Perhaps because this meant to be an expensive toy, not a ‘wick’ to go conquer the world. That if we find abuse charge $ 100 extra for the option with cupholders.

Link: Four-meter-tall Japanese robot shoots bottle rockets, Costs £860k (Wired UK)

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