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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

Calxeda Announces Lagos based SoC ARMv8 64 bits

Calxeda Announces Lagos based SoC ARMv8 64 bits

Back in late October last year ARM announced its new 64-bit architecture ARMv8 nuclei formed by and Apollo (big.LITTLE), and so far the only company that has launched a soc based on this architecture is AppliedMicro with SoC X-Gene (the SoC-based servers that are available from April this year ).

AppliedMicro Besides there are other companies that are developing ARM-based SoCs ARMv8, among them we can mention NVIDIA (SoCs Denver and Boulder ) and Samsung , and now they are joined by , the manufacturer of the SoC EnergyCore servers that empower Viridis and Baserock .

Calxeda announced that they are developing a based SoC (Atlas), which is intended to market low-power servers and will be available in 2014, the new SoC is codenamed Lagos, and provide a significant improvement in performance in Compared with existing SoC based EnergyCore Cortex-A9 (32 bits).

But is not the only new SoC which is working Calxeda, which also announced a new EnergyCore SoC based on Cortex-A15, which will be available next year.

Link: Calxeda joins the 64-bit ARM server chip race (ComputerWorld)

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