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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Calxeda: ARM and x86 can coexist in Datacenters

Calxeda: ARM and x86 can coexist in Datacenters

From the International Supercomputing Conference 2012 event we get more news. known manufacturer of servers and supercomputers as remembered Viridis , module-based with 192 Cortex-A15, thinks that both x86 and ARM can coexist in the data centers (centers data).

Just like AMD will use ARM cores to increase the safety of their APU or x86 CPUs from and work together with the GPU to calculate specific tasks in the same way x86 and ARM servers can coexist in future hybrids, where the main processing would be responsible for x86, while ARM is responsible for specific tasks where advantages in energy savings would be made evident as processing in the cloud. Distribution of workloads that would be responsible for applications that enable cross-platform abstraction.

Calxeda recognizes that the penetration of ARM in the market is still in experimental stage, trying to get a place in the segment of data centers, with the next year, the year where thousands of servers expected to be used in many ARM Datacenters where energy conservation is critical.

Linux, the dominant operating system in server environments and high performance computing (supercomputers) could manage communication between x86 and ARM cores in future servers, though this is not an easy task.

Link: ARM and x86 Could coexist in data centers, says Calxeda (ComputerWorld)

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