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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Internet, Software |

Camino Browser for Mac is fired after a decade

Camino Browser for Mac is fired after a decade

Those who used a for Internet browsing a decade ago will remember the name of Camino, a browser, unlike other offerings of the time, this made “by and for Mac”. And after ten years, that makers put it to rest and say goodbye to the project since its official blog.

“After 10 years, no longer in development, and we recommend all users to update to a modern browser. Camino is getting very outdated because of the rapid change of the web, and most importantly, not getting security updates, which makes its use very insecure. “

One of the graces of at the time was the fact that a totally native, unlike the Internet Explore for Mac which was the other alternative for those using OS X at the beginning of the era of 2000. Built on the Mozilla Gecko engine, developed under the model and won a good legion of users in its path.

However, the advance of modern browsers what was left on the road. Today, besides himself Firefox Safari, Opera and Chrome capture the interest and preferences of users of OS X. For this reason, its creators believe that Camino has had it more and end the project without much drama.

Link: Way Reaches Its End (Official Site Camino)

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