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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Internet |

Campus Party Europe takes Berlin

Campus Party Europe takes Berlin

Innovation is key in this day and age, especially in Europe, where the health of the economy in constant startle us lately … So, more than 10,000 buffs and 500 speakers meet in an old airport in the city of , to discuss technology, innovation, creativity and digital culture, is remarkably attractive.

The began yesterday in the capital, declaring the 58,000 square feet of the old hangars of Tempelhof airport, and with an array of 8 kilometers of fiber optics to ensure the quality of the Internet connection of the attendees at this date technology.

In this call at the European level, the first of this style that makes the Campus Party, attendees have come marked with a challenge: rewriting the source code of Europe to “help transform the continent a better place.”

The agenda promises: Until August 26, and through workshops, discussions, lectures, conferences and meetings with prominent personalities that make life in the Red (or make your life Network), seek the right dose campuseros of creativity and innovation that allows them to trace the new horizons of technology and the Internet, which as we know are lung economy today.

To follow the minute by minute of can take a look at his profile on Twitter @CampusPartyEU and also follow all the activities carried out, thanks to the full Web with channels that have been enabled for the international transmission of the event.

Campus Party Europe
- Live broadcast of Campus Party Europe

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