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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Science |

Can they stop athletes break records?

Can they stop athletes break records?

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It’s a great question! If an athlete will never change their training, if not change his technique and even if you never come back stronger or faster, could break records, this due to factors such as their ability to compete at the time and other random and the condition of the track, weather conditions and so on. Each sport is governed by chance and achievements, opportunities are provided which allow brands to break.

That said, the of new (via the theory of extreme value statistics ) tell us that all things being considered equal, will decrease the frequency with which it can break world records. There will come a time when we will have exhausted the opportunities and the chance to break a Record will approach zero. Using this theory, for example, a team of scientists estimated [ PDF ] that the minimum time that male can achieve for the 100 meters is 9.51 seconds. The current record is Usain Bolt with 9.58.

That’s why we are usually the new and a new class of competitors who break those marks. Female athletes could not participate in an Olympic marathon until 1984, since then the record time has dropped 10 minutes, while men only have been down 5.

Of course, nothing is equal to previous years, athletes now are better equipped than those who participated in the first modern in 1896. Most athletes are now professionals and amateur, have developed new techniques and new equipment is improving its performance, each of these items picked up his pace to break the records set.

On this, Alan Nevill, University of Wolverhamptom told Popular Science: “Athletes tend to break records only during times where there is a lot of innovation, the rest of the time the improvements only increase slightly or are nonexistent.”

Some sports have multiple periods of acceleration, for example cycling. The bicycle design dramatically affects the performance of a rider, the introduction of the carbon fiber has helped break several records. Similarly the new suits reduced the friction of water, helping swimmers to impose new times.

You can follow breaking brands as we continue to see innovations in the Olympic Games both technologically and technically, but on a personal level will be difficult to see new records in a row, apparently, athletes are finally reaching its limit.

Link: FYI: Athletes Will Ever Stop Breaking Records? (Popular Science)

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