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Canadians will be deported from Australia to lift torrents search anyone visited

Canadians will be deported from Australia to lift torrents search anyone visited

Probably very few or almost no one has heard and less admitted to TorrentFind a torrent search engine which opened not long ago. And while traffic is virtually zero, has produced a handful of problems to its creators, to the point that probably regret having launched.

Young behind are three Canadians that fate would be found in and ended up working together on the project. One of them had come to Melbourne from South Africa, a country which suffered unauthorized access to your credit card. But that did not realize that in Australia tried to pay for advertising to your own site, and payments were always rejected.

It was not until early December when police arrived Australian home with a representative of (see agency charged with such matters), who wanted to know what was behind the fraudulent use of a credit card and TorrentFind new site. And so came the problem that the three were jailed for suspected fraud, but the most affected could finally check that the card belonged.

The problem for these Canadians is that although they are not directly violating copyright laws, if they are encouraging others to do your search torrents, that’s the main “trouble” government of Australia. Now, they are on the verge of being deported because their visas will be available shortly nil unless they can disprove the situation in a court hearing next week. Worse, they can not work and the fines are not likely to be lower.

The most “interesting” of the whole case is that TorrentFind has very few visitors, and so much so that the greatest number of them came from the computers of the government office that investigated the case. As to collaborate and give them some click.

Link: Men Face Deportation Running For World’s Least-Visited Site Torrent (TorrentFreak)

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