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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Science |

Canceled for today trying to jump from the stratosphere

Canceled for today trying to jump from the stratosphere

After five hours late, and when it seemed that finally raise the balloon that would carry to the stratosphere, the organization of this jump took the decision to suspend the event.

Initial delays were due to problems with the weather, with strong winds aloft (about 200 meters). Then, when the wind dropped, the group tried to deploy the balloon filled with helium that would lift the cap, however, several problems occurred.

The first was a fault with the radio system. One of the radii of the capsule – the only method of communication that would paratrooper with the control center – suddenly stopped working. Only when the radio was repaired, it began to inflate the balloon, a process that takes about 40 minutes. However, while the balloon was inflated wind appeared complicated operation.

The team hoped to break a record, making Baumgartner in the first human to break the sound barrier in free fall. For now you can see the disappointed faces of team members.

The initial plan was to perform the operation in the morning, because it is the time when there is usually less wind. Replacement is a balloon, and is expected to retry jump morning. However, there is no confirmation yet – again, depending on weather conditions.

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