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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Entertainment |

Candy Crush beat Zynga on Facebook What’s your secret to being so “Sweet”?

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The game developed by the London firm and immersed himself in the race to dominate the largest social network in the world. According to an official report of the company, over 16 million people play Saga month on Facebook, and has a total of 190 million users trying to eliminate sweets around the world since it was launched in April 2012.

Just as no one could explain why suddenly which users were obsessed keeping cows, sheep and knees asking for a fence for your coop, mesmerized , just as understanding addiction is complex generated by Candy Crush, which is much less original than its rival, since there are thousands of background style “three in a row”.

The answers can be many: the ability to socialize achievements and compete against friends, the speed with rising levels of difficulty, or perhaps simply that people are bored in social networks.

The reality is that this fever does not measure treats accommodate borders or age. Among the curious cases in Argentina spread photo of a sign that had appeared in the subway, where someone offered spending levels Candy Crush, sale of life and tricks, which generated a number of mentions in social media until it was discovered it was false, or that perhaps someone has played a joke to a colleague.

Whatever the reason for his success, King is putting things difficult Zynga, which has lost much ground on the social networks, which also sets the tone that some users do not pay attention to more than one game at a time .

According to information provided by external analysts, over 45 million users actively play on both Facebook and mobile devices to Candy Crush. This figure, although it differs from the official one, is an activity level higher than that generated Spotify, Pinterest, and even the classic FarmVille and Texas Holdem Poker busy.

The representative and spokesman for King, Tommy Ramos reported that one of the demographic segments where the largest number of users is that of women between 25 and 55 years, but said that it works very well in all age group and sex. “Every day is played over 600 million times on mobile devices, I can hardly understand that number,” he added with a smile on his face, while being interviewed by NYT.

Ramos believes that one of the pillars of growth is related to the continuity of the work of King, or as they say them, “keeping warm”, adding levels constantly (every week you add new levels and features to the current 385 levels available) to provide support for all platforms and versions, “making it easier for some users to start playing on Facebook and follow on their iphones or ipad” added

King was founded in 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs from various countries, based in London. It now has 450 employees in several offices in the city, San Francisco, Stockholm and Hamburg, with intentions to expand to a staff of 750 people by the end of 2013. About to turn 10 years old, King has received investments from venture funds of about U.S. $ 48 million and has been profitable since 2005.

An interesting fact which brings Ramos, is the Candy Crush gains. Despite being free, is the game that gives money to King, besides being the most successful in its history. This money paid, which was not reported, comes from just 30% of the players who buy items tional, since the other 70% manage to complete the game without buying anything.

This was not a windfall for the company, well, maybe if it was in terms of product success, but economically, King was one of the pioneers in the development of applications Pay to Play, now known as Freemium .

Although not confirmed market rumors presentation on King and hands are mopping with signed agreements to launch franchise products like socks and of course, candy.

Link: Candy Crush Saga is this summer’s sweet treat (New York Times)

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