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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Canonical defends criticism for integrating Amazon in Ubuntu 12.10

Canonical defends criticism for integrating Amazon in Ubuntu 12.10

The output of the new Ubuntu 12.10 has brought a new wave of criticism, perhaps as never before had been at Canonical. And all thanks to integration “from the box” with Amazon , showing in any search results, in addition to local-related store Jeff Bezos.

But canonical defend themselves by saying that “this is what users want.” According to Steve George, vice president of communications and Canonical products, people increasingly need to do more searches, and previously the Ubuntu system was limited to what the user had the equipment. With this new partnership with Amazon, expands the scope of its search system, presenting the user with results more in line with what they want.

And no, it is an advertisement within the desktop or anything like that. The reason for such a categorical answer from Canonical is simply because “people want to find things and that we help them to” Additional users “do not have to watch a video of two minutes before accessing their results “says the same George.

Finally, since Canonical are responsible is very important to note that those who disagree with the integration of this feature, simply go and deactivate. The truth is that, beyond this possibility, none of this is too enjoying the most traditionalist of Ubuntu do not look favorably on such features, but will have to go by the idea that is only the first.

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