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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Internet |

Canonical’s Ubuntu One comes to Mac in beta form

Canonical's Ubuntu One comes to Mac in beta form

Besides the operating system, also dedicated to providing a storage service in the known as And since a couple of days, the service is also available (in beta form) for Mac users

With this complete Canonical presence with this service in the most used platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, the same Ubuntu, and now Ubuntu Mac works basically like any other similar storage service, such as Skydrive, Dropbox, or Drive; allows free access to 5 GB of and a referral system allows have up to 20 GB free.

Returning to the Mac version from Canonical suggest that being a beta there are still many things to improve, but in the coming weeks will be updating about every detail “arreglables” that may appear. For now, those who have a Mac and who enjoy what it offers Ubuntu, can stop by the official site and download the version of Ubuntu One .

Link: Ubuntu One for Mac OS X now in beta (Canonical Blog)

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