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Carlo Rambaldi died, the father of ET and Alien and pioneer of special effects in film

Carlo Rambaldi died, the father of ET and Alien and pioneer of special effects in film

Known as “The genius,” the Italian Carlo Rambaldi, the father of and Alien, two of the most popular science fiction movies, died at his home in Calabria at 86.

In addition to and ET Rambaldi created the King Kong giant version of John Guillermin 1976. For each of the three leading characters won an Oscar from the Academy Award for best special effects.

was born in 1925 in northeast Italy and trained as an artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he began working with the world of in the decade of 50, debuting with a giant mechanical dragon 16 meters to the film “Siegfried” (1958) by Giacomo Gentilomo.

In those days there was no digital resource type to create characters, settings, or any type of object that today we can design from a simple home computer. The special effects of films were performed in mechanical and handmade, so that the work of Rambaldi began to generate much interest when he began to combine art, mechanics and electronics in their characters.

One of the anecdotes that led him to be regarded by the big Hollywood producers happened in Italy when he was hired for the purpose of “A reptile skin of a woman” (1971) by Lucio Fulci. In a scene that had to work, the main character meets a group of dogs with the insides into the air. After the premiere of the film, the director Fulci was prosecuted for allegations that they had used real animals. Finally, when Rambaldi Fulci was acquitted in court, all mechanical dolls designed for the stage, which, of course, were incredibly real.

After this experience, he began his career in the big leagues. alien sought to create a precedent in the world of film, so he decided to bring the designs and original sketches drawn by Ed Verreaux to Rambaldi to give her life to her character. Cropping photos of babies and putting together collages with portraits of Hemingway and Albert Einstein, among others, came to the final design of the most beloved alien in the history of cinema.

He also worked for and his film Alien (1979), designing all the mechanics and electronics for the operation of the powerful head of the alien created by HR Giger. Among other contributions, his works were highlighted in the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977), and the creatures of “Dune” (1984), by David Lynch.

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