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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

CBS will launch a television series based on Groupon

(C) Vanity Fair – By Scott Olson / Getty Images

If not seem enough to the dozen daily emails we receive on coupon offers the most varied and exotic, now CBS has announced it will debut next season, a series based on two friends who move to Los Angeles to succeed Groupon … working on.

But this only seems strange to just captivating, the name of the series will bring even more confusion: Friend Me, a title that would be much better to a series or movie based pochoclera friends who met through Facebook rather than sell stamps .

With respect to the contents and synopsis, nothing has been seen on television: two twentysomething friends who leave their hometown to live together in the big city, with diametrically opposed habits, changing roles with graceful finials and obviously, pretty girls everywhere.

Do the players? Christopher Mintz-Plasse , the supernerd of Kickass and Superbad, and Nicholas Braun , an actor from the quarry Disney.

Although Groupon has not spoken to the chain responsible for the serial rights or public advertising, Friend Me pilot was presented to CBS in January was approved for deployment. What will be the next successful Internet startup to have its own series?

Link: Groupon gets a poorly titled CBS sitcom (VanityFair)

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