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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

Celeron and Pentium future will be based on micro-architecture Silvermont

Celeron and Pentium future will be based on micro-architecture Silvermont

From time much information has been leaked on Core microprocessors future fourth generation “Haswell” in combinations Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3, but for now we have no data on the future based and Haswell, not we have them because they simply confirms that future Intel Pentium and Celeron are based on , your new micro-architecture for low power consumption.

Following the example of AMD, which a few months ago announced that many of its APUs and low-end SoCs (A4 and A6 Series) will be based on their SoCs Kabini and Temash , its first based on their micro-architecture of low power Jaguar . Intel has decided that his future will be based Pentium and Celeron in the SoC .

As we recall, the Valleyview SoC (based on Silvermont) are a component of future platform for tablets Intel, products that will be marketed under the brand Atom, but apparently Intel has decided to change their plans, so too will be available on Pentium and Celeron brands.

Intel says its new micro-architecture Silvermont saving is quite flexible, so you can cover more market segments and will not be limited only to smartphones (Merrifield) and tablets (Valleyview), so that also will be in notebooks, ultrathins, and even desktop PCs and All-in-One, those that have a wide range of prices.

For Intel this measure represents a considerable saving in manufacturing costs (based SoCs Silvermont are considerably cheaper to produce), which will raise their profit margins.

For users, the absence of Pentium and Celeron socket LGA 1150 based on is a great loss, it is quite common for many users to acquire an economic team based on Celeron or Pentium, which after some time upgraded to Core i3/i5 / i7, a strategy that may not repeat with future SoC based Pentium and Celeron Silvermont, as are soldered directly to the motherboard.

From time Intel will continue launching new Pentium and Celeron chips for socket LGA 1155 based on its current Ivy Bridge micro-architecture platform that will become the new low-end option Intel.

Know if at some future Intel launched a new Pentium or Celeron LGA 1150 socket.

Link: shifting Intel Celeron, Pentium chips to Atom architecture (ComputerWorld)


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