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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Gadgets |

CESR: The chainless bicycle that fits any terrain

CESR: The chainless bicycle that fits any terrain

It ended with the delicate problems of bicycle chains and can not pass through any land especially for not having a prepared template. This Cannondale company, called by its acronym CERV Ergonomic Race Vehicle Continuously offers these options in a single vehicle.

CESR has a handle that allows you to choose between six positions according to the type of terrain we face, so you can make a slope with good control or a quick area with the least wind resistance.

CESR: The chainless bicycle that fits any terrain image 2

The secret of CESR, the business concept designed by Cannondale, Ohio, United States, is that these six positions can be changed without having to alter the height of the seat or handlebars, general positions are defined according to the texture of the cyclist .

The model consists of a triangular structure 100mm scroll up and down with a ratio of 85 mm back and forth.

Thus, when descending a hill, CESR moves forward and down to give the rider a low profile, quite the opposite in case you decide to climb a hill.

The traditional chain traction exerted between the pedals and the rear hub system was replaced by a through shaft which connects the wheel arm, acting as a direct drive.

This concept was introduced at the show Euronike of in late August and costs as calculated by its designers, we may have to wait a long time to enjoy at reasonable prices in a street in our region.

Link: Cannondale’s CESR bike adjusts to changing terrain dinamically (Gizmag)

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