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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Social Networks |

Chat rooms would be the next implementation on Facebook

Chat rooms would be the next implementation on Facebook

(Cc) Bouli Franco (Flickr)

is working on a new option to keep users entertained for much longer. According to a report from TechCrunch , the social network is testing new that have a very similar operation to private chat is now available

The idea of ​​these chat rooms would be able to connect more easily with friends from your friends, and the option to join them require no invitation. The operation is simple, according to a source close to Facebook, the option of Host Chat (moderate chat) is available from the status update window.

Chat rooms would be the next implementation on Facebook image 2

Once you create the room, the creator can set the name and invite other friends. Unlike private chat, this option allows other people to join the conversation. Similar to when you see stories like “Johnny Likes given to this”, a notification appears on your wall telling you any of your contacts opened a chat room to which you can join.

Of course, the latter can be regulated by adjusting certain privacy options, such as limiting access to certain assistants or kick if you want to keep the room under control. The chat rooms are displayed in columns that appear similar to when one to one conversations with your friends.

In initial tests there is only support for text, but could be integrated Emoji . While Facebook is testing agreed that this option with a small percentage of users, the company declined to provide further details of the functionality.

With Facebook chat rooms not only lead users to invest more time on the social network, but also could help lift them a good amount of dollars. Implementing pay stickers messaging services has proven to work, at least with Line .

Link: Leaked Details Of Facebook’s New Chat Rooms Feature (TechCrunch)

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