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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Check out the latest brings the new Opera 12

Check out the latest brings the new Opera 12

2 months ago we told you about some of the changes that would bring the next version of Opera and apparently did not convince a lot of modifications, however for those who remain faithful to the and want to try first hand the improvements, we will already available the latest installment of the Norwegian browser. The bet in version 12 is on a higher speed, customization and possibility that the browser can use the webcam on the computer.

Among the main changes is the speed, enhanced in two ways. One has to do with Opera Turbo Plug thought slower connections: Enabling this option will be compressed and thus pages load faster. Then there is the hardware acceleration, which requires modification of certain values in the browser.

Betting on the customization for each user at ease, now will allow us to choose between different themes to style the browser. To do this, go to Menu and then select Appearance. Then a window opens where the first tab is for the topics. Although in principle only find the standard Opera, clicking to find more underneath, you can access the page Opera issues.

Undoubtedly, the biggest news in this release is the ability to use the webcam on your computer from your browser, this without the need to use another program or install a plug-in. With this new feature, Opera developers want to start seeing the web as an application platform and to integrate the hardware itself in web applications, as in this case.

Independent of these changes – which appear to be the most significant in this version – you can find other innovations such as support for new web standards such as Drag and Drop features in HTML5, support for WebRTC, CSS generated content, animations and CSS3 transitions and Do-Not-Track. In addition to the new API which now allows extensions might interface with tabs, such as window management and creation of groups of tabs.

If you are you encouraged with the changes that we tell you here, you can download Opera 12 from here and then tell us that this has been your experience with this new release of the browser.

Link: Opera 12: new version, new features, new competitive Challenges (VentureBeat)

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