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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Internet |

Chief of Police of Madrid: The Internet is the new security threat

Chief of Police of Madrid: The Internet is the new security threat

A new enemy for security: the Internet. At least this is clear what the Executive of the of Madrid, Alfonso Fernandez Diez, who has justified his statement by explaining that the Red “everything can be seen, used and disseminated.”

During an event held by the Private Day, Diez Fernandez made it clear their views on the risks of the to our day to day, as quoted in Europa Press:

“The world of telecommunications has changed our customs, habits and somehow our way of life. Public safety and the business is now threatened through some channels traditions, but palpable, and also achieve an immediate dissemination of information in a way that can not be monitored or controlled. “

It is at this “new threat” that the Paramount Chief of Police of has urged the public and private security that “must adapt and respond appropriately” to this phenomenon.

Bring it in part I agree with what he says Fernandez Diez: Using the Internet involves risks as security is concerned, yes. But from there to position the as the “new security threat”, I have my differences, because this claim so lightly, you can reach the wrong ears (and uninformed) that end up demonizing the technology and the Internet, as has happened.

And is there specifically to do with care its affirmation of the risks posed by the “immediate dissemination of information in a way that can not be monitored or controlled.” Come on, you want to control that aspect might well be restrictions on freedom of expression and information through the Internet and channels like Twitter, for example, and I find that troubling.

Now, beyond that I felt funny the way the police chief refers to the network, I think it is worth noting their concern and advice in order to remember, for example, that we must guard against Internet that involves installing protection software on our computers, watching our passwords to social networks, protecting data from electronic banking, and generally taking preventive measures when surfing the Internet … Any safety recommendation to share in the comments?

Actually I think it never hurts to remember safety measures on the Net: Let’s fast on the day to day that we forget to update the antivirus, for example. Not that I made it up, it happened to me, and also every day I see that although we are more informed about the risks we take and the protective measures we can take, just keep growing daily lists of people affected by crime computer. A simple brainstorming exercise as a reminder to the most clueless like me: Do you currently have an antivirus installed in your PC and your mobile devices?

Link: High Chief Police say the Internet is the “new threat” to security (EuropaPress)

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