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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

China announces new Loongson microprocessors 3B 1500

China announces new Loongson microprocessors 3B 1500

The Chinese government via The Chinese Academy of Sciences announces its new microprocessors 3B 1500, promising a return to 35% higher than their predecessors, while providing lower power consumption.

The line of microprocessors Loongson (formerly ), are based on the MIPS64 architecture (recently acquired and annexed the ecosystem Imagination Technologies ), but in turn have specially designed hardware that allows them to run standard x86 code, and have some kind of agreement AMD thanks to which this gives them access to the HyperTransport bus, and the use of its chipsets (IGPs / Northbridge and Southbridge 700, 800 and 900 Series of AMD).

The new 1500 3B Loongson microprocessors have a total of eight MIPS64 cores (two quad-core in the same package each with 2MB L2) operating at frequencies from 1.0 to 1.4GHz, also has an 8MB shared L3 cache. They are manufactured with the 32nm manufacturing process, have a die size of 182.5mm² and a TDP of 40W.

An estimated 3D 1500 Loongson microprocessors have a 35% higher performance than their predecessors (Loongson 3B) offering a yield of 172.8 GFlops in double-precision calculations. Like its predecessor Loongson 3B, the new Loongson 3B 1500 is directed to the segment of supercomputers.

Link: Loongson Technology to Present at IISCC Godson CPU 3B1500 conference (CPU World)

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