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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Internet |

China blocks online searches on the Tiananmen massacre

China blocks online searches on the Tiananmen massacre

We started the week with news about censorship in China, where authorities have blocked all web searches for terms related to the Tiananmen massacre, right on the 23 anniversary.

According to various international agencies report, the words “six-four”, “23″, “candle” or “never forget”, have been blocked from search results Sina Weibo, the most popular social in China, similar to what is for us.

The blockade would be a new attempt by the Chinese authorities to silence all communications related to the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre , known in as “Liu if” (June 4), which was perpetrated by the Liberation Army (PLA ) on June 4, 1989 to violently suppress a peaceful demonstration of students and intellectuals protesting against the communist regime.

And is that what really happened in Tiananmen on June 4 that has always been a taboo for the Chinese government: While it has been reported that an unspecified number (ranging from hundreds to thousands) of peaceful demonstrators were massacred by the PLA, the authorities insist on remembering the facts as to the protests “counter” that affected the country’s stability.

Now, with social networks, the control that have always led the Chinese government on the anniversary of the date, including measures in the mudno 2.0, as these locks on searches for keywords related to the massacre of Tiananmen: Fear to the style of the Arab Spring , the Internet is turn the spark social change?

Link: Beijing blocks access to Internet-related terms Tiananmen massacre (EP)

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