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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Internet |

China closes 31 news sites operating without license

China closes 31 news sites operating without license

The Chinese government just closed 31 that did not have legal permits to operate. The biggest problem was that they did not outlaw, but also engaged in other darker arts journalism, such as giving false information or extort some people.

One of the cases mentioned is the site Ren Min Nei Can Wang, site specializes in publishing information is not true (that operated using a subdomain Internet of People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party) and also to “blackmail organizations and individuals by threatening to disclose false information about them, “the Daily.

The of these sites is framed in a program launched in early May by the government of that country, which seeks to standardize the way news content delivered through the network. And he has asked people generally put their bit and go all the sites reporting are operating outside the law.

The authorities in charge of the subject believe that the proliferation of these unlicensed news sites only serve to promote disorder and chaos to the network news, in addition to downplay the news sites who are legally and “harming the rights individuals and other legal entities “.

Link: China shuts down 31 unlicensed news websites (China Daily)

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