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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Internet |

China finds a way to block access to Internet even via VPN

China finds a way to block access to Internet even via VPN

providers for are reporting that local authorities have found a way to block their services under a method where tools official “learn, discover and block” these networks, leading Internet providers or ISP as China Unicom close connections they detect using a VPN.

VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) has long allowed people to bypass China Great blocking or firewall that restricts the use of the public Internet, making inaccessible services like Twitter or Facebook as one of the measures and surveillance most criticized by the Internet community. So, now we see that tools like VPN are also being identified and barred in China, in a task that perform certain companies operating abroad as part of what is legal or not in China, offering its inhabitants a how to access the “real network” without censorship. They say they “can not block all VPN without affecting local businesses”, which directly or indirectly also make use of technology, so it is estimated that within a short time find ways to bypass the restriction again.

Link: China Reportedly blocking VPNs in new Attempt to bolster Great Firewall (The Verge)

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