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Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

China: NVIDIA lost an order for 10 million GPUs

China: NVIDIA lost an order for 10 million GPUs

From Phoronix inform us that has lost significant sales of the Chinese government because it refused to release the source code related to accelerated computing capabilities of their GPUs.

The Chinese government has its own CPU based on the MIPS architecture and we know that are developing their own GPUs , but the Chinese is a future project, so for now planning a pilot project to initially deploy 100,000 schools, each with 100 to 150 equipment with computing capabilities accelerated GPU (GPGPU) to serve as a platform for cloud computing to thousands of low-cost tablets will be used by students.

Nvidia’s refusal to release the source code of their drivers, demanding instead a substantial additional payment for the work of re-compile the code for their drivers to the mips architecture, caused the Chinese government decided to abandon negotiations with Nvidia and initiate negotiations with AMD.

It is estimated that this contract would mean income between 250 to $ 500 million Estadounidenes, and that in the future could have meant a figure considerably higher, as plans to implement this project forward to every school in the country.

Perhaps most curious of this is occurring just a week after Linus Torvalds harshly criticized the lack of support from Nvidia to open source , which charges before while Nvidia is defended , it seems this news ends up giving the right to drive Linux.

Link: NVIDIA GPU Loses Huge Order Due To Linux Blob (Phoronix)

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