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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Internet |

China: Users of blogs and forums should use your real name

China: Users of blogs and forums should use your real name

While has always been tough in terms of restrictions on the , seems to be enough with all the prohibitions that have been applied to users in this country, having recently launched a new regulation that will force users to register with their real name on and in order to put an end to on the web.

This new proposal is part of the upgrade project “methods for governing the Internet services”, where the Asian country suggests expanding the definition of information service providers in the network blogs, and forums . Along with this, you are prompted to operators such as Tencent and have an administrative license to offer its service.

In recent months, China has tightened on the Internet free movement, particularly microblogs as Weibo , that as the country begins to prepare for the transition of leadership every decade at the end of the year.

Moreover, the paper reports that providers of information services shall ensure that users register with their real identities to avoid being loaded on the network information defaming government officials, and other sensitive data.

Link: China Moving To Force All Forum Posters And Bloggers To Use Real Names (Geekosystem)

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