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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Companies |

Chinese company sues Apple over the trademark “Snow Leopard”

Not even 24 hours passed after the news that Apple finally disbursed a sum of about U.S. $60 million to recover the trademark “iPhone” in China , owned by Proview International Holdings, who had sued the Cupertino. Now you know the news that another Chinese company, in this case, a specialty chemicals for the home, also require the block if you want to offer your product “Snow Leopard” on Asian soil.

The Chinese company “Jiangsu Xuebao” (江苏雪豹), a name which translated means “Snow Leopard”, says it has registered the name since 2000, same year that the brand Proviewregistro iPhone, so claim for “violation of brand. “

A Shanghai court has already accepted the case, so the audience for trademark registration will be held on 10 July. The Chinese company said that in recent months have delivered 104 documents with evidence to the Court, before leaving the product to market. For this offense require compensation for the misuse of the mark, an estimated U.S. $80 billion and an official apology from Apple.

Along with this demand intimations sent four more companies that market the product Apple Snow Leopard. Despite this, a Chinese lawyer believes that this claim could not succeed because Apple did not use the Chinese word “Xuebao (雪豹)” to sell their software at the official site of that country but the original English version.

The empresaJiangsu Xuebao, like many other Asian giant, not dedicated to a single category of marketing. Although one of its main business is selling food and household chemicals, such as toothpaste and detergent , has offices in areas such as electronics, software development and dry cleaning services, among others.

The products of the Chinese company involved in the lawsuit are “Xuebao touchscreen display ad” and “mobile Xuebao ERP software, “software development for industrial and commercial equipment.

The CEO of the company said in justice that Apple had attempted to register the word “Xuebao” in English (Snow Leopard) and chin in his writing, in 2008 and the Patent and Trademark Office had rejected it. With this argument, the delegate will seek to demonstrate that despite the refusal of registration, Apple also decided to launch its product in violation of the trademark.

Link: Chinese Household Chemical Company Sues Apple For “Snow Leopard” Trademark (micgadget)

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