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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Software |

Chrome adds function “no trace” the latest development version

added Privacy standard of “no trace” in the latest development version of Chrome, launched Thursday. The idea of the system of “no trace” is that users can choose their data are not recorded by advertising on websites, or through cookies. The idea was proposed initially by Mozilla and Google, and then adopted by most browser developers after the intervention of the White House.

“We made the decision to honor an agreement not to the industry reached with the White House this year. To that end, we are making this configuration visible on our channel Chromium development, so as to be available in future versions of for later this year, “said the company AllThingsD.

The feature is already available in Opera 12 and Firefox, and Microsoft’s integrated into Internet Explorer 10.

Advertising companies, meanwhile, are not very happy with the decision, since less information obtained from users, currently used to display ads that are more relevant to the user.

Link: Google finally adds do-not-track support in Chrome (All Things D)

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