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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Software |

Chrome is a browser-third of the world

For the first time recently as last May, outperformed as the most used browser in the world for a week according to Statcounter . Today these numbers continue gaining strength as-well gap to continue to increase slowly with respect to Internet Explorer, Chrome now reaches one third of the in the world.

During the month of July, according to Statcounter, Chrome accounted for 33.8% of browsers in the world, up from 32.8% in June and was well above the 22.1% it represented in July last year.

Internet Explorer has been a very slow decline in recent months and now represents 32% of the browsers, while is stable around 23%, though this last month lost his podium the most used browser in Europe-as compared to Chrome Apple is fixed about 7% and does not exceed two percentage points.

It should be noted that Google released Chrome for almost 4 years, and is currently the most widely used browser in Latin America, where the latter measurement is determined that more than half of the computer surfing the Internet in South America.

What browser do you use?

Link: Chrome Rises: Google browser grabs 1/3 of the overall market (StatCounter)

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