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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Entertainment |

Clark Kent waiver ‘Daily Planet’ for writing in your own blog

Clark Kent waiver 'Daily Planet' for writing in your own blog

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In tune with the times and, by its own writers, without any hidden message to the crisis of traditional newsrooms, Superman’s alter ego telegram present his resignation to the newspaper that fed him since the early the 40s to engage in journalism but from its own news blog.

The creators of the cartoon commented that the news of the resignation of Kent at the Planet seeks to bring the cartoon to reality, but allusions to the current changes in the newsrooms of the media, but the superhero trying aggiornar never ruffles , to which news media have become web portals, blogs, and even citizen journalists telling stories in the first person.

The number that will be announced the news this week and is part of a project with script changes closer to today where creators and affirm their partnership with DC Comics.

But, this is not the first time that Kent has stopped working for the Daily Planet. Although in the past had periods as unemployed, this time arguing his resignation is “a reflection of the problems by passing this profession right now, the role of the media, the gap between information and Entertainment, the growth of citizen journalism … “as textual mentions the press release from DC Comics that anticipates the news.

Although the writers insist that Kent’s resignation does not allude to the advancement of the Internet on business models of the media and the jobs crisis living, as it is only for “moral reasons” apparently no attempt to curb the superhero.

According to USA Today ahead, Kent announces news in the midst of writing and criticizes its director, Perry White, not to understand or listen to the demands of the public instead of thinking so much about high-impact news and more profitable .. His beloved Lois Lane is not immune to criticism. Apparently, the character also censorship is covering a sex scandal.

Once settled employment status, Kent will not live unemployment insurance but create your own news site “in the style of The Huffington Post” according to screenwriter Scott Lobdell said to USA Today, which also added that “from now , instead of attending to how Clark dons the superhero suit, we will be able to see further strengthens its own personality becoming a type that uses Internet to uncover the truth. “

Hopefully this new sedentary profession do not lose fitness nor become a procrastinator, as you will see in difficulties when putting his tight suit to fight crime or arrive in time to save the world.

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