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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Science |

Close Surgeons brain aneurysm in an infant using superglue

Close Surgeons brain aneurysm in an infant using superglue

Julian Ashlyn is a baby born without complications on May 16 in Kansas, United States. When I was 10 days had a sudden change in behavior that motivated their parents to take her to hospital, where he had an aneurysm detected (when it weakens the wall of a blood vessel and blood swells like a balloon) in the brain of size of a Almond, something extremely rare in this age baby as an aneurysm takes years to grow.

“I do not know what to do. This was not something that appeared in the textbooks, “said Koji Ebersole endovascular neurosurgeon. “Most babies can not survive if you treat them without closing the aneurysm, so that we develop a plan to close”.

The problem is that the traditional methods for treating an aneurysm, which consist of open up the skull and losing a lot of blood in the process, it is not possible to apply a practically newborn baby without a lot of blood. The risk was too high.

However, Ebersole came up with a highly unusual procedure: Introduced a microcatheter the width of a hair on the baby, from where he sailed to the location of the aneurysm, depositing a portion of super glue (cyanoacrylate, or ‘The droplet’ or ‘Super glue’) that was dried in seconds that sealed the vessel wall.

The method, which had previously been used only in adults, proved to be successful and minimally invasive. After one day the aneurysm had disappeared and the baby had recovered, which exceeded even the expectations of surgeons.

Link: Baby’s brain aneurysm halted – by superglue (CNN)

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