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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Internet |

Closed the third largest spam botnet in the world

Closed the third largest spam botnet in the world

The also known as Grum-Tedroo and accounts for 18% of in the world, was demolished by company FireEye with the help of the organization SpamHaus . The network had its main servers in The Netherlands, Panama and Russia, which were closed in an operation that lasted three days and to break down the command and control centers (CNC), the 120,000 computers infected by can no longer continue to send spam .

It all started on July 16 when he managed to close the two servers Grum Holland. The next day the server fell Panama, which controlled one of two network segments together Grum primary server in Russia.

Unfortunately with the closure of these servers immediately rose yesterday six secondary servers in Ukraine, however FireEye announced this morning managed to close down the main server that was in Russia with the six new secondary servers.

“You can not create a new server. They would have to start from scratch infecting thousands of new machines to achieve to get sound from a network such as Grum, “said Atif Mushtaq , an expert at FireEye. “When falls the main server and infected machines can not send spam or contact a new server.”

Link: Experts take down Grum botnet spam, world’s third largest (CNet)

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