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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Software |

Cloudsweeper puts a price to your email account

Cloudsweeper puts a price to your email account

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Keep mail safe from prying eyes is always going to be a good idea. Similarly, it may be a good idea to know how much information is really worth having in your inbox, and to make that calculation comes Cloudsweeper.

is a project developed by researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and as its name suggests, “sweeps” the email account to determine its actual cash value. To do this, check the input and output trays looking for passwords in plain text, or external services associated with that email account. It also identifies user accounts that can be accessed only have control of the email account, for example, an Apple account worth USD $ 5 a Tumblr USD $ 0.30, and Amazon is worth USD $ 15.

In the case of finding passwords in plain text, it also offers the opportunity to encrypt (and decrypt them later with the same service). For now only works with Gmail accounts, and while its operation is potentially dangerous, evil evil, checking e-searching for relevant information, everything is framed in a safety study conducted by the university.

My email account is relatively cheap: USD $ 28.60 should not be much incentive for any cybercriminal.

Link: Cloudsweeper

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